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We are on with Bill Thomas this evening for the 2nd part of Maritumw Beef Virtual Conference Series @peicattle @BovinsNBCattle @NSCattle @NbForage @AAFC_KTT_NB

Winter/extended grazing systems panel brought to you by #verifiedbeefproductionplus

@peicattle @NSCattle @BovinsNBCattle @NbForage @AgInfoPEI @NSPerennia @AAFC_KTT_NB

How do cattle combat #foodwaste? By repurposing items that would otherwise end up in landfills - including crops damaged by weather, crop residues and the byproducts of brewing and distilling. In the video below, watch french fries transform into 🥩!
#FoodWasteFriday #CdnBeef

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